Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday Highlights

  1. The 4th grade Sunday School class studied Paul's letter to the Philippians. We talked about the call to greatness through humility in Philippians 2. We read Philippians 4 and talked about Paul's joy and peace in times of trouble. The kids shared stories of God's presence and provision during hospital stays, a house burning down, bumps and bruises, and the destruction of a home from the tornado. 
  2. Avery Jones (age 7) and Logan Ruzic (age 10) were both baptized this Sunday. I am thankful for the responsive and obedient hearts of the kids at RCC.
  3. During the worship time, Jonah, Caleb, and Lucas put their arms around each other, danced, and sang with joy. It's my prayer that the friendship these boys have will be just as strong (or stronger) 10 years from now.
  4. In small groups, we spoke of Jesus as the fulfillment of the Law and the Prophets. As such, his person and work can be described in Old Testament terms and imagery. Here are some of the posters the students made:

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