Monday, May 9, 2011

Creativity, Patience, and Generosity

Each week, I get to see God's work in the lives of K-6th grade students at Racine. Here are a few of the highlights from this Sunday.
  1. We braided lanyards to give to our mothers along with this poem by Billy Collins. Caleb was excited that he could now braid his sisters' hair and was anxious to try it out on the trip home. 
  2. In Sunday School, the 2nd-4th grade students discussed ways we can train to be patient. Here are some of their suggestions:
    1. Buy a candy bar and wait an hour to eat it.
    2. Wait for a train to pass.
    3. Tie a contraption to your head that dangles one of your favorite pieces of candy in front of (but just out of reach of) your mouth.
    4. Listen to your sisters singing in the car.
  3. Each week, the kids bring in money to help Effa and her family in Malawi.  Madison's letter, Jocelyn's homemade gift, and Lilly's bucketful of change are all examples of the compassionate heart and generous spirit displayed by many of the kids at RCC. 

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