Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"I know I'm not worthy, but please pass the salt."

I like this introduction to "I Am New." I think there are times when it is good and proper to pray, "I am not worthy." It's the prayer of the publican in Luke 18, "God, have mercy on me, a sinner." But I find myself hanging out in this state of unworthiness all too often. The shame becomes crippling.

Yes, it's true, God desires a humble heart. But I wonder if my view of humility has become skewed. Maybe humility isn't as much my low view of myself as it is the recognition that I am a child, a child who relies on her Father for all things, including my righteousness, worth, and identity. 

Am I worthy of God's love and grace? Without a doubt, no. But does God lavish it on me anyway? Yes. And when God poured out His love and grace on the cross, something else happened...Christ's righteousness became my own. Today, I'm trusting that this is true, and I'm moving on to deeper and more intimate conversations with my Father.  

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  1. Thanks for finding this and posting it, Breann. I needed it today.

  2. Thanks, Emily. I needed to hear it, too.

  3. Ha! I love it that you found this! Grateful that it found it's mark in you :-) you honor me in sharing it with others. Thanks.

  4. Fancy meeting you here! Thanks, Jason, it makes me happy to know you read this.